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The Beginning

Do you ever feel like you just don’t know where to start?

Like you have an idea for something, or even felt inspired to do something…something that you are passionate about, something that you’ve gone through, something that you want to do for others, but yet you over think it?

You get overwhelmed?

You think, where/how do I start?

Then you realise you already have, because you had that thought, that prompting to do it, that was your beginning…

and then you realise all the time you have wasted worrying about how to start, BUT in reality you have wasted no time at all. Everything is as it should be, my time to write this is right now, the time to publish it is right now, and the time for you to be reading this is right now.

Everything happens for a reason, that is something I truly live by. It is up to us to slow down, open our eyes, be aware and take it in, otherwise we miss the wonderful opportunity to learn and grow.

So almost 3 years ago now I was prompted to start a blog, one about keeping motherhood real, about keeping me real. I wanted to document the crazy motions and emotions of being a mother and all it brought with it…see I was just starting to see some light in the darkest despair of depression post having 2 beautiful boys 19 months apart. That glimmer of light must have shone so strong to keep me going, because it has taken me up until about 7 months ago to really, truly be in control of my life again…

What I am coming to learn, and really have deep gratitude for is the fact that it was ok that I didn’t have control of my life, because God was in control, Jesus took the wheel, and He carried me through it, so that I could be here now, right at this moment, writing this blog entry, so that you, sweet, beautiful mother, could be reading it.

Why you were brought here to read this…I can’t answer that, but if you will trust me, I promise to bring light to your life, to keep things real with you, put a smile on your face, cry with you, laugh with you, and to just have a sigh of relief with you that another day, of the hardest job ever, is over.

So lets begin our journey together…

10 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Love you Tamara. Man boy is morherhood crazy it has brought me to the highest of highs and sometimes in the same very day lowest of lows. I love hearing I’m not alone in this job and as much as I don’t celebrate your hard times it just gives me the hopes that I’m not failing, it’s normal and we are gifted another day to try and keep going. Glad you’ve got this blog up and running and your exactly where you need to be now in life. I’ll be following 😊 love and miss you guys 💕

    1. Oh I feel you on that! Motherhood is like a crazy rollercoaster right!!?
      Yes we are definitely not alone! Thank you for commenting and reminding me that I’m not alone or failing either. I am so grateful for another day! Thank you, I love the journey of growth I am on, and so grateful to have you with me. Love and miss you guys too! xx

  2. This is awesome. A problem shared is halved and a celebration shared is doubled. Can’t wait to see how this blog will bless others

  3. Aww I almost cried reading this! Tamara you are amazing! So proud of you!! You have a way with words and I can’t wait to follow you!

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