Give yourself a break…

Hello beautiful souls…

So like with many other things, I planned to write a blog every Monday, and stay committed to delivering it on time to you all.

BUT as you can see, that did not happen, this week nor last!

Guess I could say, 3rd week in and I already failed…but that’s not really the case, come on Tamara, give yourself a break, life happens!

Man I am my worst critic!

Ok now that I got that out of the way, we can get onto this weeks topic…

oh wait, it’s…


Oh honestly the main reason I haven’t written until now is that I did not know what to write about.

When I put pressure on myself, I don’t seem to know what to say, but when I’m not even thinking about it, the words flow.

Again, give yourself a break girl!

Why is it that we, especially as mothers, are so hard on ourselves?

Why do we expect perfection from ourselves?

Wait, do you even feel this way?

Who the heck even invented this need for perfection!?

—I’d actually really love it if you could answer these questions for yourself, and if you would be willing, please let me know your thoughts in the comments—

…did it come from social conditioning?

passed down through generations…?

Just a natural human desire?

Or is it innate?


What I have come to know and feel, is that when you know your truth,

When you are in tune with your Spirit, and your Maker (whomever that may be for you), you realise that you were created by perfection, but does that make us perfect?

I believe we are Spiritual beings on a physical journey through this life, on this earth, at this time…it is just imperfect.

And that is OK, because it means we get to learn and grow!

So then when we can acknowledge we don’t need to be perfect, and that it is part of our journey to be imperfect, why do we still feel that way?

Have you looked at this world lately?

All the stuff that bombards us?

And then add to that the way we have been conditioned/programmed…

It is no wonder we feel the pressure for perfection in the first place, and then allow ourselves to feel imperfect,

All of this can totally be changed of course, it truly can, I am seeing things change in my life.

Let me be honest though, it ain’t easy, even if I wasn’t so conditioned in one way, I know it would still be hard work,

Being bombarded constantly, whilst trying to change my programming is tough, it just doesn’t seem to stop, but that is ok.

You know why!?

Because I am growing into this amazing person, a woman who is discovering her truth,

and learning how to live it, how to get rid of the old programming and really feel into what is truth, my divine worth and purpose, into what makes me smile, what brings me joy.

This life is NOT meant to be hard, we ARE meant to have joy…we just need to make it, because it isn’t something you find…

So dance a little, bathe in the sea, sing your heart out, whatever it may be…

And just try your best to remember, that no matter what you go through, there is always cause for gratitude, truly, how could we not be grateful for what we have…

Anyways, that is a lot to take in, it doesn’t just happen over night, it’s a journey of a life time…one crazy roller coaster journey…so try give yourself a break, we aren’t meant to get it right.

I do know we can be kinder to ourselves though.

We can keep things real, we need to keep things real!

Talk about your struggles, and your triumphs, all of them in one conversation.

We sure do need to feel our feelings, because we ARE meant to feel, and when you do, let your body express what you feel. We aren’t meant to just shut up and just get over it! Just try to learn to not sit in them for too long.

Try seeing the beauty in things, and feel gratitude in your heart…

I get it, I really do, sometimes, we forget these things, Ok maybe it’s a lot of the time that we forget these things…and therefore we go straight back to the programmed thoughts of… I am imperfect.

Yes you are,

You are imperfect…



That, plus many other wonderful, imperfectly perfect words describe you…

And if you do forget, which you will…

Isn’t it so wonderful then that you have others that see the good in you and then remind you, like for example, on Sunday, I was told by a dear friend that my blog was awesome and so on point, and that I need to keep going, so I came back.

And if you feel that doesn’t happen to you, then it is up to you to open your ears and your eyes, oh and your heart.

Because trust me, I have been there, I have been in a dark place, where nothing anyone was saying, or doing was enough…

I used to complain ALL the time that no one cared, that no one saw anything good in me,

But they did, they truly, truly did!!!

So today I am grateful for those that read this..

Truly grateful for those that accept me for all my imperfections and that help me see what is good in me.

Most importantly though, I am so grateful that I am learning and growing into someone who doesn’t need someone to tell them. Yes i need reminders, but as I grow, my joy is not based on what someone says or does for me, but on what I feel, what I say, and what I do for myself!

And so YAY, I have finally finished my second blog post!! WOO WOO!

So I would like to leave you with one last thing…

Please take a moment today, to be kind to yourself, to not expect perfection, to say a kind word to yourself, and truly mean it, and then say aloud something you grateful for, even if times seem hard…

Sending lots of love..xox

P.S. So I read this out to my loving husband and he thought I was reading out someone else’s blog post, like a professional’s or something. I still can’t work out if he is just being kind or genuine haha, guess I should trust his words though…and GIVE MYSELF A BREAK LOL!

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