Being a mum

Did you always want to be a mum?

I did…I actually really did, it was always a dream of mine

Did I know what was involved with being a mum?

I thought I did, I thought being number four of nine children, an aunty, working in childcare/nannying/babysitting, would definitely prepare me…

But nope, it did not.

Maybe it helped me understand certain aspects of looking after children, but it did not prepare me for motherhood.

Could I have prepared myself for what was involved?

No, I do not believe there was anything that could have prepared me.

See becoming a mother is a massive shift and transition in life, there is actually a name for it, Matrescence, it explains so much when you understand it.

Do I regret being a mum?


I love being a mum, I really do!!!

But, I am also tired, full of excitement, scared, comforted, overwhelmed, supported, neglected, loved, used, valued, dirty, creative, sad, full of joy, angry, patient, frustrated, and sometimes no emotions…just none,

I’m actually not sure that I could fit into one post about what is is like being a mum…

Its multi layered and complex in many many ways…

I am just so grateful that I am not alone in it all…

See I have all of you mothers, you understand me, you get what I feel, you understand the struggle, the emotions, the love, the not so pleasant stuff, the physical, spiritual and psychological transitions our bodies go through…

We don’t have to feel, nor actually be alone in this transition, this journey of life…isn’t that beautiful? We have each other…

I love that being a mother isn’t just a new job title or role, it is a life long commitment.

One I am proud to have, do, be, live…

Just as long as I still get to have time for me!!


Isn’t self care so important?

It sounds so weird saying that, even to this day…

Like isn’t it a natural thing to take care of yourself….?

Well it was natural, it really was, I didn’t even really have to think about it until I had kids.

It is like our brain doesn’t have room to remember those things anymore because our children’s needs are more important.

And then you realise it has been 3 days without showering

Four hours since you ate last

There is noting clean to wear, or that fits!

And what is this term people use “working out”, I know of no such thing

Ok, this could go on forever, like I said, it is so multi layered being a mum…

Some have it ‘under control’ better than others do,

Some prioritise certain things, that others may not,

But in the end, we all feel some of this transition, this change…

It’s like growing pains, like when a child goes through adolescence and becomes an adult…

Which are a good thing…

No, a great thing!

And I’m going to leave it there…this may not make sense, but hey, that is also part of being a mum…

Enjoy xx

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